Introduction to Hardwood

One of the top two most popular choices in flooring is hardwood. Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring understands and values hardwood! Our sales staff can explain the different types, characteristics, qualities and advantages of choosing hardwood flooring. It is a classic choice. The hardwood industry is constantly developing and consistently offering new and stylish options.

Hardwood can add character and timeless beauty to any room of your home. It is easy to care for, can add to your home’s value and of course, is beautiful. The options are more diverse than ever!

Benefits of hardwood:

  • Luxury - Typically, hardwood commands more respect than carpet. It is perceived as being higher end and luxurious because it is generally more expensive than carpet.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Hardwood is a smooth and solid surface that can be wiped clean easily. Unlike carpet, it does not allow dust and dirt to hide, making it easier to clean. If you suffer from allergies, hardwood is a great choice. Just wipe or sweep the surface and remove the potentially harmful allergens.
  • Enduring – Hardwood flooring can last decades if properly maintained. This means it can be more economical in the long run.
  • Versatility – Hardwood can be left bare or softened by adding an area rug. Instantly change the look of your room by adding, changing or removing a rug.
  • Timeless – Hardwood has been used in homes for hundreds of years. It is always a popular choice!

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